I have been interviewed on a number of occasions sharing my insights about my career and journey to date from being a HRD  to being made redundant and becoming a consultant. These interviews have featured in various platforms from HR publicatons to podcasts. I am sharing them here in the hope that they can give readers something to reflect on

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Being a professional "oddity"

Microleadership Podcast series: What role does the HR profession play in changing the world of work today? Shakil shares his own passion for the role leaders play in creating fully inclusive spaces where people feel safe to perform at their best and exploring what success means for him. 

Podcast: Interview with Shakil Butt- Professional oddity on the evolving role of HR and Finance

Whistle While you Work Podcast series hosted by Sheryl Miller and Emma Howard covering Shakil Butt's career to date, and his transition from finance to HR, the changes in both professions and his thoughts on Black Lives Matter.

Podcast: Racism and the impact on the wellbeing of Black people and people of colour.

Word of Good Podcast: Season 2, Episode 10: Hosted by Gethin Nadin with Shakil Butt, HR Hero for Hire, Non- Executive Director, CIPD

HR Leaders Podcast

Circal Podcast: The HR Futures Podcast Season 2 Episode 1: Interview with Shakil Butt, HR Hero for Hire conducted by Kevin Green, founder of the What's Next Consultancy.

Why senior leaders need to embrace D&I

Good Work TV Interview at CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition sharing thoughs on why senior leaders need to step up and begin to fully embrace diversity and inclusion. 06/11/2019

Podcast: Finding your purpose when life happens

Another Door Podcast: Shakil Butt shares his story, how redundancy helped reframe his purpose and how the question ‘what do you really want to do?’ resulted in a change of direction.

Interview with Shakil Butt

Recruit Human Article: Interview as part of the HR leaders series conducted by Amy Stephenson answering those burning questions.

1) How did I get into HR and why?
2) What are the challenges I am seeing across the HR sector?
3) What career advice would I offer to someone either working towards a career like mine, or someone just getting started in their HR career?
4) Do I think that more should be done within the school system to open students’ eyes to HR as a career or do I think it’s more valuable for them to gain some work experience and fall into HR because then like you say, they’ve got that context and that understanding?

Quick fire with award-winning HR director Shakil Butt

People Space Article: What makes a HR hero? Who is my HR hero? How scary was it moving from a big, permanent HR role to setting up my own consultancy last year? What was my favourite book last year? What is my favourite coffee? What can The People Space audience expect from my contributions? Zombies?

That HR Podcast episode 8: CIPD Annual Conference special edition

People Management PodCast: Join People Management junior writer Lauren Brown as she catches up with a host of expert speakers from the conference, including:

CIPD CEO, Peter Cheese, who unpicks the pressing issues facing HR today 

HR Hero, Shakil Butt, who explains how businesses can achieve an ethical workplace culture

Shell International's leadership assessment lead for HR analytics Sathi Banerjee, who demystifies predictive analytics and

Artificial intelligence expert Megan Marie Butler, who explains how AI has been mis-sold


Q&A with Shakil Butt, Islamic Relief Worldwide: The evolving role of HR

HRD Summit: Conference article exploring how HRD's can add greater value and how the role has changed requiring HRDs to also adapt

Feature on Shakil Butt - HROD

HRD Magazine: Interview focusing on Shakil's career path moving from Finance to Human Resources and his work in an international relief and development charity working in over 40 countries

What got me here: HRDs on key career experiences

HR Magazine: Article reflecting on my route from finance to Human Resources and the different treatment in the board room

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