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od interventions

Being an OD practitioner means I have broad experiences on a range of areas including leading on organisational strategy, formulating  vision, mission and values as well as organisational design ensuring alignment to enable delivery. I can work with you to embed your strategy and values turning them into leadership statements. 

I have facilitated reviews of strategy, conducted SWOT analysis, carried out workshops to explore values, drilled down into staff survey results and bespoke training delivered according to needs from employment law training to presentation skills. 


As a certified trainer (ILM, ACL) I have designed and delivered on a number of  initiatives transforming the training function reinventing induction and introducing management and leadership development programmes covering a number of models such as Belbin, Tannenbaum & Schmidt , Tuckman and others. With a growth mindset on the principles of continuous learning I use a blended learning approach that includes role play, interactive exercises and opportunities to reflect helps to ensure the learning is embedded and is taken back into the workplace. Most importantly I use FUN as I believe that it is one of the foundations for great learning to happen.

All training programmes can be designed to specific needs and delivered on site if your facilities allow or for a better focused experience off site. 

Where can I help you make that gear change? Drop me a line and lets start this journey today.

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