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Andrea Moffat, Owner , Learning Interventions Company 

"I’ve known Shakil in his capacity as HR & OD Director of an international humanitarian charity since 2013 when I was appointed to work with the organisation to design, train the internal deliverers and deliver 3 levels of leadership and management programmes, additionally project managing the organisation enabling it to become an accredited Institute of Leadership & Management Centre.  Shakil’s level of involvement on becoming an internal deliverer of the programmes was always to immerse himself in the content and to demonstrate his curiosity and drive to expand his knowledge and understanding of concepts and ideas in an enquiring manner.  In doing so he also challenged me and his colleagues in a supportive and collaborative way to think differently.  As a result he provided strong role-modelling behaviours and his skilled influencing techniques.


Shakil possesses seemingly boundless energy yet he is able to direct it efficiently towards activities that enable him and the organisation to deliver results. Having also worked with him on other high level strategic projects within the organisation I have seen him be able to take control of difficult and challenging situations, be interventionist, apply decisive thinking and yet do this in considered and measured ways. I have seen Shakil lead his HR team to success in the 2015 CIPD Awards Best HR Team of the Year. He is a credible leader of HR from within and without organisations, provides insights, strategies and solutions.


It was my pleasure to act as his mentor to become a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD as he prepared his upgrade application and have since seen him serve on the CIPD Board and as Honorary Treasurer."


Shakil is insightful, a bundle of fun, yet focused and able to access ‘the serious’ and I would have no hesitation in working with him again and recommending him to you.

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